Evaluating Long-Term Rental Applications

Choosing the right resident for your rental property is a crucial decision that can significantly impact your investment. Rental applications are the first step in this process, and it’s essential to approach them with diligence and care. Some landlords in Bozeman, MT, choose to handle the rental application process themselves, while others opt to outsource it to rental professionals in Bozeman, such as Ironhorse Management. Here are some best practices and tips for evaluating rental applications in Bozeman. 

  1. Request a completed rental application form: When evaluating rental applications, start by requesting a completed application form from each prospective resident. To streamline this process, consider having applicants apply via established software platforms like Appfolio, Apartments.com, or Zillow. These tools often provide standardized application forms that gather essential information.
  2. Verify the applicant’s identity and contact information: Ensure that the applicant’s identity and contact information are accurate. This step helps in maintaining clear communication throughout the leasing process.
  3. Review the applicant’s rental history: Take the time to review the applicant’s rental history. Look for signs of responsible tenancy, such as on-time rent payments and a history of property care. A clean rental history is a strong indicator of a reliable resident.
  4. Check the applicant’s employment and income: Verify the applicant’s employment and income to assess their ability to meet rent obligations. Steady employment and sufficient income are key factors in evaluating a resident’s suitability.
  5. Conduct a thorough credit check: While some software platforms, like Appfolio, include credit checks, it’s crucial to ensure that this step is comprehensive. A thorough credit check can reveal financial stability and responsibility.
  6. Conduct a thorough background check: Similarly, a comprehensive background check helps uncover any criminal history that might pose a risk to your property or other residents.
  7. Check the applicant’s eviction history: Review the applicant’s eviction history to identify any past issues with previous landlords. Frequent evictions can be a red flag for potential problems.
  8. Ask for references from previous landlords: Request references from previous landlords to gain insights into the applicant’s behavior as a resident. This step can help you confirm their suitability and reliability.
  9. Don’t rely solely on gut feelings: Rely on concrete data and facts gathered during the evaluation process.

Let a Property Management Company Handle Rental Applications For You

Evaluating rental applications is a crucial step in finding the right resident for your Bozeman, MT property. To ensure a successful process, you can partner with a property management company like Ironhorse Management. We have the experience of the last 40 years in property management in Bozeman. We are dedicated to supporting property owners throughout the rental process. 

Request a consultation with Ironhorse Management and create a positive and secure renting experience for all parties involved.