Improved Reporting & Financial Transparency for an HOA Board in Bozeman


In this case study, we examine the experience of a Homeowners Association (HOA) board that faced significant challenges with their previous property management company. Seeking a reliable and efficient solution, the board decided to explore new options and eventually partnered with Ironhorse Management. This case study focuses on how Ironhorse Management addressed the board’s needs and enhanced the overall management of the HOA.


The HOA board encountered several issues with their previous property management company:

  • Financial Mismanagement: The previous manager failed to maintain accurate financial records and neglected tax filings.
  • Regulation Enforcement: The HOA’s covenants and conditions were not adequately enforced, leading to compliance challenges.
  • Overall Performance Concerns: The previous company’s overall performance was unsatisfactory, prompting the board to seek a more competent partner.

To address challenges with their previous property management company, the HOA board sought a reliable partner. They conducted thorough research, seeking property management companies in Bozeman, MT, and received referrals from other HOAs. After interviewing three companies, they chose Ironhorse Management based on its professionalism, clear approach, and user-friendly financial reporting platform. Confident in their decision, the board believed Ironhorse would greatly improve their property management operations.


After partnering with Ironhorse Management, the HOA board experienced significant improvements:

  • Financial Order: Ironhorse promptly sorted out the financial records and ensured tax filings were up to date, providing the board with a clear financial picture.
  • Comprehensive Reporting: Ironhorse delivers monthly reports, including detailed financial statements, and offers custom reports upon request.
  • Enhanced Satisfaction: The HOA board expressed high satisfaction with Ironhorse’s professionalism and user-friendly approach.


Ironhorse Management successfully addressed the challenges faced by the HOA board, providing a reliable and professional property management solution. With efficient financial management and comprehensive reporting, Ironhorse has improved the overall operations of the HOA, ensuring the board members’ peace of mind. The HOA board is now content with their decision and would confidently recommend Ironhorse Management to other HOAs seeking rental management services.


“Our HOA was a mess. Ironhorse turned it around and had it running smoothly in two months. They are very professional and efficient. Financial information is provided timely and accurately. They manage contractors very well. Best decision we ever made.” 

HOA Board Member