Understanding Your Owner’s Statement

As a property owner, it’s important to understand your monthly owner’s statements. These statements provide you with a big-picture and granular look into the financial performance of your rentals. They reveal trends in expenses, rental income, and overall financial health. By understanding them, you’ll be better equipped to make informed decisions about your properties. 

To help you better understand your statements, we’ve put together walkthrough guide below.

Understanding Your Owner’s Statement
  1. Property management company information
    This is where you’ll find our contact info, including website, address, phone number, and more.

  2. Statement period
    This is the period in which we recorded activity. Any transactions that happened during this time are recorded in this report.

  3. Owner information
    This is your information, including your address and company name.

  4. Property address(es)
    This is the property(ies) at which these transactions occurred.

  5. Property Cash Summary
    This is where you’ll see a summary of total cash-in, total cash-out, and owner disbursements. Note we keep a property reserve and disperse the rest of the cash balance to you.
    • Cash-in: Rental income, insurance services, etc.
    • Cash-out: Maintenance expenses, management fees, etc.
    • Owner Disbursements: Remaining income after fees, sent to owner.
    • Property Reserve: Minimum cash reserve kept to cover unexpected expenses.

  6. Transactions
    This is where you’ll find all transactions related to this property, including the date, payee or payer, type of payment, reference code, and a detailed description.

To keep this document handy, or to print it for your references, you can download this helpful guide using the button below.